Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's New to Me!

I thought this might make a brief, interesting digression--as I've mentioned on occasion, the entire "pilgrimage" project started when I was discussing the Fourth Doctor story 'Warrior's Gate' with the inestimable Robert Smith?, and he was horrified to discover I'd never seen it. From there, I wound up having to admit that there were quite a few Doctor Who stories I'd never seen, and I came up with the idea of watching them all in order to remedy that. But I haven't specified which ones it is I'm watching for the first time. So here's a list of all the stories that for one reason or another, I had no real memories of the televised versions when I started watching episode-by-episode. That doesn't mean I'm not familiar with them--some of them I know from Target novelizations, and nearly all of them I know to some extent from episode guides--but I've either never seen them on-screen, or I have only scattered childhood memories to guide me.

Now you'll know when my posts are first impressions without me having to drearily mention that this one or that one is entirely new to me. They break down roughly as follows:

These are stories that are incomplete, and I'd never watched the reconstructed versions.

Marco Polo
The Reign of Terror
The Crusade
Galaxy 4
Mission to the Unknown
The Dalek Master Plan
The Massacre
The Celestial Toymaker
The Savages
The Smugglers
The Power of the Daleks
The Highlanders
The Underwater Menace
The Moonbase
The Macra Terror
The Faceless Ones
The Evil of the Daleks
The Abominable Snowmen
The Ice Warriors
The Web of Fear:
Fury from the Deep
The Wheel in Space
The Invasion
The Space Pirates

These are stories that I'd not seen since watching them on PBS as a small child, and that I don't remember as televised stories. Most of my memories of these come from episode guides and/or novelizations, and are not reliable.

The Space Museum
The War Games
The Ambassadors of Death
Colony in Space
Day of the Daleks
The Curse of Peladon
The Sea Devils
The Mutants
Frontier in Space
Planet of the Daleks
The Time Warrior
Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Death to the Daleks
The Monster of Peladon
The Masque of Mandragora
The Face of Evil
The Invisible Enemy
The Sun Makers
The Invasion of Time
The Creature from the Pit
Nightmare of Eden
The Horns of Nimon
Full Circle
State of Decay

And these are stories that, for one reason or another, I'd simply missed entirely.

The Sensorites
The Ark
The War Machines
The Enemy of the World
The Dominators
The Krotons
Warriors' Gate
"Cold Blood"


  1. I think you may have flip-flopped two Dalek stories, "Death to" and "Planet Of". Death is complete. Planet was "missing" Episode Three for years, as only the B&W version existed; it was screened incomplete on PBS and the B&W episode didn't get a commercial release until about 15 years ago.

    Many of the stories you missed entirely are well worth missing... however, I'm quite looking forward to your reactions to "War Machines" and "Enemy of the World".

  2. Actually it was a category error; I meant to include "Planet" and "Death" both as complete but missed (along with "Invasion of the Dinosaurs"), but screwed up. It's fixed now, thanks for pointing it out!