Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Annoying Obligatory Autobiographical Part

My name is John Seavey. One of my first memories, from when I was no older than two or three years old, was of a TV set showing a man wearing a long coat and a tremendously long scarf, and his friend walking down a white corridor. I'm reasonably certain it was from 'The Ark In Space', but as we all know, the memory cheats. I do remember, though, that I called out to my mother, "Mom! Doctor Who's back!" Even then, I knew exactly who he was.

Ever since then, I've been a fan of the show. My fandom has waxed and waned--when the series went off the air in 1989, I had a long period where it was just something I fondly remembered. Then I discovered the novels, and my fandom hit new peaks (leading ultimately to every fan's dream at the time, a namecheck in a proper Doctor Who book.) In the last half-decade or so, my inability to collect to my heart's content has made my fandom go slightly dormant, but it's never stopped. And all that time, I've been writing about the series, in one form or another, for one reason or another, in one place or another.

Perhaps it's egotism (okay, no perhaps--it's rampant egotism) but I'd like my Doctor Who writing all together where everyone can see it. I think it's good writing, I think it entertains Who fans, and I think it's worth reading. And I think it would draw more attention if it wasn't scattered across three mailing lists, four websites, and at least one forum. So I'm going to post to this blog with a mix of my old material, culled from various places across the Internoun, and new stuff that I'm writing just for here. That way if you like my writing, you'll get more of it. If you like Doctor Who, you'll get to read about it. And if you like old posts about why the amnesia was a dreadful mistake, you'll get that too.

...um, if you don't know what the amnesia is, that'll be part of this too. I like to consider myself a holistic Doctor Who fan, equally enthused by the TV series (new and old), the books, the audios, the movies, the comics, and the non-fiction works about the Doctor. I love to tell people how awesome the stuff they're missing is, because I hope that once they read it/watch it/listen to it/iron it on their shirts, they'll be happy they did.

I'm going to try not to be too down on any of the series, old, new or in between. I'm a big believer in Lynne Thomas' slogan, "Don't Harsh The Squee", and I'm going to try to practice it here, so if your favorite companion was Martha or your favorite story was 'Timelash', don't feel bad about either one. That said, I have opinions and I enjoy silly hyperbole, so don't be surprised if I crack wise about your favorite story at some point. Just know that it's all in love, and feel free to smack me if I'm too mean. One of the things that I think separates Doctor Who fans from some other series is that we even love the bits we hate...and frequently vice versa.

So, since this is a blog and this is only going to be the first thing you read once, I'd just like to say one thing. To the person who kept clicking back and back and back, reading through each and every last one of my posts until you got to the last one because you really enjoyed it....thanks. Hope you stick around.

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